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4208A-TI-135 Surfside


Homer, Alaska

Have you ever been out with your camera just driving around to find something interesting to shoot? I fell in love with Homer, Alaska the second I drove by the milepost at the Homer Overlook Point; just where it curves around the massive Diamond Ridge Mountain range and drops off to give you an excellent oversee of the artsy harbor town. Each time I took a day trip to Homer, I found more and more lively and amusing spots to take pictures.

As I was driving slowly along Ohlson Lane toward Bishops Beach my foot slammed on the brakes at this old abandoned Surfside Shop. It’s well boarded up and overgrown with traditional Alaskan foliage; including plenty of Alaska Fireweed. An exhausted and tired sailboat rests snug at the lot’s corner and boasts a versed native totem pole on the other rim. I was unable to find anyone who had information on its history; and only found tidbits here and there online.

It sounds like it’s one of the oldest structures in Homer, possibly built in the 1930’s, where at one time it was utilized as a casket storage building and during a particular iced over winter housed a few bodies until winter ceased in order to dig appropriate graves for them. I believe it’s called “The Ohlson Lane Cabin” but cannot find any source to detail why there is a “Surfside” sign at the top! I do know there is a lot of surfing that takes place in Kachemak Bay, so I assume someone at one time had opened a small little surf shop for a season or two. Feel free to comment if you have any more info! I am always intrigued with these sort of older stories!

Digitally Painted from my original photo!

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