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4227-TI-3115 Little House Of God

Little House Of God

Soldotna, Alaska

Dot to dot along Kenai Spur Highway in route of Kenai and Soldotna are spectacles of small and quaint drive-up coffee stands, enticing second hand shops, masses of land for sale, car lots, local businesses and extensive forests to gaze at; just to name a few. I traveled past this petite quizzical chapel which sits alongside the jumbo monolithic domed Trinity Christian Center many times. How many times did I drive past this curious chapel before stopping to take a photograph? Hundreds!

To my delight on a snow blizzard day I felt it prompted my senses of living in a winter wonderland and I finally interrupted my shopping agenda to satisfy my urge to take it’s picture!

As I peaked through the windows, I noticed only 3 pews with hymn books snuggly tucked in their wooden back pockets and The Bible sitting peacefully on top of the Preacher’s podium. Guessing in building this structure, much of it's 2x2 wooden slats were spared since it has 10 large windows allowing full natural lighting and gleaming sunshine to enhance its inner

Originally it was kept open with 24/7 access to all who wish to seek comfort with God whereby the larger church behind it was only available for normal routine operations and services. They had to start locking it up due to vandalism, but you can always request a convenient time to come pray and enjoy its charm!

Digitally Painted from my original photo!

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