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3678-PE2 Look The Other Way (B)

Look The Other Way (B)

Galveston, Texas ~ Pier 21

During the summer of 2014 I had the pleasure of traveling mostly throughout my home State, Texas!
I had lived in Houston during college and was a frequent flier to Galveston Island, surrounding sites and the beaches.

While having family spread across Texas, as a child my most fond memories are that of going to Houston with my family, meeting other close families and heading further south to the shoreline and beaches of Galveston Island.

Swimming, tanning, sunburning, beach combing and sightseeing.....
But never in my life have I ever seen as many pelicans as I did in August 2014.


When asking about the shoreline being tattered with kelp and seaweed, I learned this tide-turning and changing works of mother nature was the reason so many pelicans and tropical animals were abundant!
The forces of the moon and sun brought treasures to my Nikon D7000 lens!
I was in Pelican Heaven!

Digitally Painted from my original photo!

See my "Beach Life South Texas" Tab for original photograph!

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