South Texas - Tanya Elise' Howard


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4245-TL-3597 Bay Daze

Bay Daze

Galveston, Texas

I took a few hours almost every day while staying in Galveston for about a month to do some well invited bird watching! That month was the best thing since sliced bread for my photo bandwagon! Birds of many species were abundant during this particular tidal season. Newly and uncommon arrivals came to feed on little marine organisms; not to mention putting on quite the show at times!

While capturing in silent mode this little Night Heron nourish and pick at his marshy lunch I was hoping his mate would clock in, too. Appearing overjoyed with his seaside cuisine, he hardly noticed me creeping closer and closer as he danced his way through the witch hazel limbs and soggy mucks which lined these Galveston sand dunes.

Digitally Painted from my original photo!

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