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Artist Ricardo Paniagua

Artist Ricardo Paniagua

West Village, Dallas, Texas

Years back there was a seed planted on McKinney Avenue in Big D! Throughout a lifespan from that near downtown urban seed a birth of transformation through a few generations of city goers have watered the budding collective. I have been a silent part of that.

West Village is located in this electric district where it influences the community to enjoy shopping, dining movies and the Arts. On November 11, 2016 Artist Ricardo Paniagua was honored with a Mural Reveal Party where his craft of painting patterns and geometric abstraction came to life in the center of West Village. Ricardo, a friend of mine, is a curious and yet serious Dallas-born whiz where struggles have never stopped him from mastering his inventive forms of art.

As my brother tells us both, “Don’t get off the path, Ricardo!” Bravo to you!

Richmond Punch Poster


DFW Violinist

If you think you have ever heard the greatest violin player, you haven't heard anything til you have heard Richmond!

I volunteer at times for "Believe & Achieve" where we work with special needs adults. Denise and I had arranged to assist the Salvation Army to "ring the bell" around holiday time at Frye's in Plano, Texas. One of our very talented clients, Taylor, is quite amazing at his violin skills - so I thought it would be cool to call Richmond and invite him to "pop up" as a surprise to Taylor while playing his violin!

The crowd went crazy and Taylor had tears in his eyes! Richmond asked me to work up a poster for him to use from a photo he already had. I added some graphics to it and touched it up!

(See below for a group shot of all of us at Frye's ringing the bell.)


DFW Band

Grapevine, Texas

I had the honor of shooting pix for the More Cowbell Band at Willhoite's in Grapevine, Texas. They wanted a few new ad shots for press release. Here is a sampling of what I came up with for them! I also made their Halloween Poster (below).

More Cowbell Band @ Willhoite's
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