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5336-TI-4204 Standoff


Plano, Texas ~ October 2016

In the midst of hustle-bustle traffic flowing around the Legacy area of Plano, reminders of it's farmstead heritage are sprinkled about with fields of bison, longhorns a few miles away you will even find llamas! While the city is in a huge growth spurt, incredible forms of architecture for local business shopping and dining districts are popping up which entice the population to make Plano it's home.

I drive by pastures fenced in parallel to major corporate offices where the Longhorns graze and spend their days entertaining the passerbyers (yes, this word is in the Urban Dictionary) and hardly ever get the chance to stop. Many times that I did pull over, the herds were way off next to the urban stone buildings or too deep in the trees to take their pictures. I can't tell you how many times I pass by where they are right along the fence line and I don't have my camera! Uggh!

I decided to pack up my camera gear the other day and take my chance for a photo opp and found it!
Majestic and proud they stood at a perfect distance with no human race relics distracting my lens. To my surprise they even moved closer to me, watching me and allowed me to record their existence forever! I was in ranch heaven!

To add a little humor to my event, as I was snapping away I noticed a huge figure stampeding toward my right from the field. This guy was serious and rammed the metal fence just next to me, stood back a tad and dug his hoof into the dirt several times as if to charge at me again....along with loud snorting! Of course, I stepped back and wondered how strong the fence was and gave him my acknowledgement with respect.

This went on for about 20 minutes, yet I stood my ground and "whispered" to him: "Hey there, fellow! I'm just here taking your picture. Thank you for letting me take your picture!" Each time I took a side step, so did he. If I moved down the fence line, he did too all the while snorting, digging up dirt with his hoof, raising his head up and down quickly and watching to see what I would do next. He must have some history at the rodeo.

I dared NOT to say Ole'! for fear he would conquer that fence!
And let me add, he would not allow me to get near the fence any more to continue taking photos, so I finally made a little peace with him and continued to stand on my tip-toes to finish my goal of the hour.
Did I enjoy my experience with a laugh to my heart? Why yes! That was a fun experience for me!
I nick-named him Dillinger while his eyes escorted me all the way back across the street to my SUV!

Digitally painted from my original photo!

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